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Craft Beer Public Relations and Marketing


IMG_6592_blkwhtAbout Zoss Media

Zoss Media is a boutique public relations and marketing agency focused on promoting craft beer breweries, taprooms and craft-centric beer bars. The mission of Zoss Media is to help craft breweries increase profits by increasing awareness through a mix of traditional PR practices and cutting-edge social media techniques.

Zoss Media was founded by Jeremy Zoss in December 2012. Jeremy’s professional experiences include over three years as an in-house PR and marketing specialist for a mid-sized technology firm and roughly two years as a local business reporter, during which time he was the first reporter to write about several of Minnesota’s new generation of craft breweries. He has also worked as a freelance writer and a staff magazine writer.

About Jeremy Zoss

Zoss Agency is the natural progression of over a decade of professional and personal experience. I won’t rehash my full resume here (It’s available to anyone who wants to see it), but rather will summarize the events that brought me to this point. I have traveled the world as an entertainment journalist, worked as a PR and marketing professional, worked as a local business news reporter and written the website copy for a billion dollar company. Over the years I learned a few important things about myself, most importantly that I love working with passionate people and telling their stories. And, of course, that I love good beer.

The right moment presented itself to launch my own business devoted to the promotion of craft breweries, and I jumped on it. Like most craft breweries, my company is a labor of love and I understand the hard work, devotion, sweat, tears and love that go into starting a business. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by a supportive network that includes a loving wife and family, good friends and a great craft beer community.