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November Beer Recommendations

Jingle Fever

It’s been a while since my last beer tasting update, so I figured it was time to highlight some of the beers I’ve been enjoying recently. I’ve been invited to a couple beer events and had some samples sent my way, so I definitely want to give all of those beers a little love.

  • Bauhaus Brew Labs invited me in recently to sample their first holiday offering, Jingle Fever. I’m very happy they did. I’ve greatly enjoyed what Bauhaus has been doing thus far, and Jingle Fever might be my favorite release from them yet. Jingle Fever is a Baltic Porter, a style I love and wish was more common, so I was happy to see a local brewery offer one. Jingle Fever is smooth and lightly smoky, with fruity notes and a malt base that recalls the rest of Bauhaus’ lineup despite how stylistically different it is from their standard lineup. I’m a big fan and if you like dark, drinkable winter beers like I do, I suggest you grab this one in a bottle or on tap.
  • Because I’m a lucky man, Summit’s new releases always show up at my door, and they’ve put out another two extremely solid releases in the last few weeks. First, the Summit Unchained #17 Harvest Fresh IPA launched at the end of October. While I’ve been trying to move away from IPAs into darker beers for the winter (I had a LOT of IPAs this summer), I couldn’t say no to Harvest Fresh. I love a juicy fresh hop beer, and Harvest Fresh is loaded with grapefruity notes, strong pine and resin. It’s a very balanced beer, with a strong malt backbone that should make it a welcoming beer for those that aren’t die-hard hopheads. I had a few people tell me that they liked, but didn’t love, this Unchained release, which I found a little surprising. It’s probably my favorite fresh hop beer of the fall.
  • Summit’s other new release is Union Series 3X Mild Ale. Don’t let the “mild” throw you, this is one flavorful beer. Rich and smooth with low hop bitterness and a strong malt profile and notes of fruit, buttered toast and hint of chocolate, this is a warm and complex beer that’s perfect for the colder months. According to Summit, 3X Mild should lend itself well to aging, which I just might have to give a try.
  • One final local beer I feel the need to call out is the Fair State Brewing Cooperative Funkelweizen. Fair State is only a few months old and has already launched its first Sour Ale. I’ve only been exploring sours for the last couple years, but it’s quickly become a favorite style of mine and I’m thrilled to see a strong local example. Light and drinkable but with a definite strong tang, Funkelweizen is a promising sign of what Fair State plans to do with its sour program. Of all the local sours I’ve tried (Surly Pentagram, Schell’s Star of the North series), I thought Fair State’s had the most pronounced sourness. I can’t wait to try more sours from these guys.
  • Speaking of sours, my final recommendation is the only one from a non-local brewery. When I sampled it at Autumn Brew Review, New Belgium’s Le Terroir stood out as my favorite beer of the festival. So when it was released in bottles, I had to grab it again. I’m glad I did. It is without a doubt one of the most interesting beers I’ve ever had. Aged for two years and then dry hopped, Le Terroir has a hoppy aroma, but a sweet and sour taste with a clean, crisp finish. Loaded with fruity notes and sour blasts, each sip of this incredibly complex beer tastes a little different than the one before. I can’t say enough good things about this beer. I plan to grab as many bottles as I can find before it’s off the shelf.

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