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What I’m Drinking: Summit Unchained #16 Herkulean Woods


I spent much of the summer participating in the hops arms race. IPAs, DIPAs, hoppy lagers – I was drinking them all. Historically, I’ve leaned more towards malt-forward beers, so I was honestly surprised when a local brewer called me a “hophead.” After months in the world of crazy IBUs, I’ve been feeling a little burned out on hops and welcoming the return of malt-forward beer season. And just when this need to take a vacation from hops hit its peak, a six pack of Summit Unchained #16 Herkulean Woods showed up on my doorstep.

Brewed with maple syrup and spruce tips, Herkulean Woods pours a lovely amber color with a thin head and smells like fall in the Minnesota north woods. This is definitely a malt-forward beer, with bready, toasty notes hitting you first. The maple syrup is faint, lingering on the tongue after a swallow. A bit of hop spiciness still comes through, as does an alcoholic, bourbon-y note. Also in the mix is a fruity, lemony element. In short, it’s a complex beer, and one that makes me happy about the return of fall beer styles. 

Is is too much to ask that we keep the fall and winter beers but skip winter itself this year? Like most of Minnesota residents, I’m still recovering from the hell that was last winter. At least we’ll have some good beer to keep us warm.


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