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A Visit to Lazy Monk Brewing


My wife is nearly finished with a six-week teaching engagement in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and last weekend I made my first visit to out to see her. While there, I naturally had to check out the city’s sole taproom, Lazy Monk brewing. Tucked away in the back of a big industrial building, the brewer didn’t look like much from the outside, but the actual taproom itself was warm and friendly. The same could be said about the folks behind the bar, although they did give me a little friendly ribbing about being from Minneapolis. They asked if I was a local. I said no and told them where I was from. They said they would let me drink there anyway.

I took the opportunity to order up a paddle of all six beers the brewery had on tap, a steal at $7. Here’s what I had a chance to try:

  • Bohemian Pilsner: One of the brewery’s flagships, the Pilsner was crisp, biscuity and malty. A very nice start to the flight.
  • Bohemian Dark Lager: The brewery’s other flagship, I can’t recall too much about this beer a couple days removed from trying it. I liked everything I sampled, but I know it didn’t truly stand out to me at the time, either. Later on my trip I added a can of this to a mixed 6 of Wisconsin beers, so I will be trying it again soon.
  • MaiBock Lager: I love a good MaiBock, and this is definitely a good one. Not quite as sweet as many I’ve had in the past.
  • Vienna Style Lager: This reminded me quite a bit of Schell’s Firebrick, which I definitely intend as a compliment.
  • Alt Bier: I’ve historically been indifferent to Alts, but this was the standout for both my wife and I. Malty and light, this is a great summer beer. We ended up taking home a growler, which we brought with us for a nice summer picnic.
  • Oatmeal Stout: On the other hand, I’ve always been a big stout fan. And this is a big stout. Chewy and rich with boozy heat, I’d love to drink a lot of this during the winter.

I don’t know if I’ll be back to Eau Claire anytime soon, but if I am, I’ll definitely be back to Lazy Monk!


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