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Photo by Brenda Johnson of Heavy Table

Photo by Brenda Johnson of Heavy Table

Earlier this year, I was asked to participate in a blind beer tasting for Heavy Table. At the event, some local beer experts and I tried several different flights of beer without any information about brewery, name, or style. All we knew was that all beers were brewed in Minnesota. It was a fun and tricky experience, one that I hope to repeat again soon!

Read all about it here.

More recently, I was asked to pick a few summer beers for Thrillist.com. Several other local beer experts participated as well, and the site published two picks from each. In the interest of fairness, I only picked beers from breweries that I have not worked with professionally.

Check out the article here, and read my additional picks below!

Summit Saga– Summit has been knocking it out of the park lately, and in the warmer months I keep coming back to this beer. I’m still surprised by how good it is every time I have one.
Steel Toe Size 7 – Hands down, this is my favorite IPA brewed in Minnesota. A perfect mix of citrus sweetness and hop bitterness, I simply can’t say enough good things about this beer.
Surly Pentagram – A nice, complicated sour, Pentagram has a pleasant, bracing tartness that I find very refreshing. Not only is it a great summer release, it’s an excellent introduction into the world of sour beers.


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