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Tasting Notes: Frost Line Rye


My thoughts are overdue on Summit’s Frost Line Rye. Of course, it was hard to truly develop my opinion on the beer, because the bottles from my sample six-pack kept disappearing. After her first taste, my wife declared that she liked it. As a wine person, that’s not something she says all that often.

The initial six-pack only lasted a couple days. I believe I had two.

When we next stopped by our local liquor store, I was instructed to get more Frost Line. After the first six-pack, it had already entered her official roster, alongside beers like Bent Paddle’s IPA and Summit’s own Saga IPA. I was happy to pick up more. It guaranteed that I’d get to try at least two more bottles.

Now that I’ve had a chance to sit down with a few more Frost Lines, I understand why it’s such a hit with her. On the initial sip I’m struck with notes of chocolate that I love in my favorite darker beers, which gives way to the floral, hoppy notes typically present in the beers preferred by my better half. Like the month of February, there are characteristics of the beers I love in the colder months, with hints of what’s to come in the spring time. It is both a complex beer and one that’s easy to drink, and I know its absence will be noticed when this season disappears from the shelf.

I’ll definitely be picking up several more six-packs before Frost Line goes away for the year. And with any luck, I’ll even get to drink some of them before they vanish from my fridge.


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