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What I’m Drinking: Summit Rebellion Stout

summit rebellion

One of the things that I intended to do with this space is highlight the beers that I’m currently enjoying, whether it comes from a brewery I work with or not. While there are always several different beers in my fridge, right now it’s being ruled by Summit Brewing’s Rebellion Stout.

The second beer in the Union Series, Rebellion Stout is an Export Double Stout with Irish malts and Broadicea hops from the U.K. The label accurately describes the color as “coal black,” and the color will certainly remind many drinkers of a classic glass of Guinness. However, the comparisons should stop there, as the flavor of Rebellion Stout is much more layered and complex. Malty and swirling with notes of semi-sweet chocolate and a touch of smoky bitterness, this is a rich and flavorful beer. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, with low carbonation to make this one very easy-to-drink beer.

Like the first beer in the Union series, Rebellion Stout is a limited edition release. My local shop still had several six packs in stock, but from what others have said, this was a pretty small release. That said, I recommend you get out and try it as soon as possible. I’ve really enjoyed Summit’s recent releases, and I would put Rebellion Stout up next to Unchained #11: Old 152 as one of my favorite Summit beers of all time. This is one heck of a beer and I hope that we might see it released again this time next year.


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