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The Blessing and the Curse of Untappd


My Untappd profile as of this writing.

Since this section of my website is underused, I’ve decided to start using it to share some of my random thoughts about beer. I’m fortunate enough to get to write about beer often, but I still often have thoughts about beer and no outlet to share them. So I figured that I might as well post them here whenever the mood strikes.

One thing that I probably spend too much time thinking about is Untappd. On the whole, I love this app. Before I discovered it, I used an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the beers I tried, a system that was pretty much a failure from Day 1. I’d often forget to update it, my rating system was too simple, and it made my wife look at me like a was a crazy person. Untappd made it so much easier for me to track my beers. It’s right there on my phone. It’s there on my computer. It’s there on my tablet. I never forget to log my beers, partially because it’s so accessible and partially because I’m such a sucker for anything that doles out meaningless achievements. Badges for drinking five different beers of a particular style? Sign me up immediately.

I have to give Untappd and its strangely addictive badge system a lot of credit for helping me expand my beer palate. I used to be pretty devoted to porters and stouts, even in the warmer months. That’s been changing over the years as I’ve explored more and more beer, but Untappd has accelerated that process. Before Untappd, I’d never even consider drinking a sour. Now I love them (New Belgium’s Love-Felix is the best beer I had at this year’s Autumn Brew Review, hands-down).

That said, there’s definitely a downside to my slavish devotion to Untappd, and that’s the compulsion to try more and more new beer. On the surface, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But the compulsion has it’s hooks into me deep. And the problem with it is that I’ll often choose a beer that I haven’t tried over one that I know I love. I literally can’t remember the last time I bought a four pack of Surly Bender, a beer that I’ve been drinking since it first hit the shelves. But anytime there’s a seasonal on clearance at my local liquor store, you best believe that I’m going to buy it. That’s a mentality that’s backfired on me several times (Yes, I’m talking about you, Newcastle Blonde. Yuck). And yet, I can’t seem to stop myself.

After all, there are a lot more Untappd badges for me to collect.


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